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Architectonic Assignment!

5 things I've learned from Assessment 1: 
1. How to merge pictures and layers
2. How to use the pentool better
3. How to use different effects (e.g paintbrush)to create an interesting outcome
4. How to fade one image into another
5. How to pick up colours from different parts of the image

collage board

creative board

template board

The creative board is probably the one which conveys my concept the best as it shows the the religious theme and the concept of moving up towards heaven. This was done through the repetition of the architecture piece and the use of the light stained glass in the middle to represent the ray of heaven with an angel transcending to the top. However, when it comes to picking a board for my skirt inspiration, the class and lea agreed with me that the template and the collage probably have more in it to work with. I had chosen to work with my collage as compare to the template board, there are more inspiring images and more pictures of the exterior of the building which is one of the elements i want to focus on. 

The blog title

I've decided to take my blog title i made for the blog title assignment down as i just like a plain header. I've posted on here anyway incase lea needs to look at it again. 

And more..

I don't love tartan print, but this one by Givenchy stole my heart. It's true love.

Givenchy's studded gloves

It's not very practical, I mean you can't really hold hands with anyone but you'll look fabulous! 

alice + olivia for payless shoes

I am totally inlove with alice + olivia for payless shoes. So chic for such affordable prices but hey, they don't do international shipping. I wish Australian designers would do some collaborations with chain brand :( 

If I was in America, I would be wearing these babies - ALL. DAY. LONG.