full bloom - update

Added leafs to the headpiece and butterfly to armband
added creases to the bodice and side seam
changed colour of the heels 
changed background colour 

full bloom - process 2

 Adding in some gingham pattern 
As you can see there is this bit of the line that makes the pattern irregular - this was later fixed

Adding in some shadow at the legs
Applying ribbon bracelet with the charcoal brush
Applying charcoal brush to the belt
Adding more hair

 Playing around with the background, adding in stripes of white to tone down the pattern

Background pattern repeat

for fun - update

Placed in some pattern in the yellow band of the dress

Because the pattern has a transparent background, I copied and paste in front the yellow band and then applied the pattern to get the yellow to come through. 

I wanted to keep all my 3 posters,effective with the use of simple lines for the illustration. This was from an influence from my poster research where I found the more geometric and contrasting colours posters with minimum texts most interesting.

full bloom - process

Body outline

Close up of the face


filling in the creases shapes in the skirt and experimenting with patterns

full bloom - inspiration picture

I chose this picture because i really like the pose and the volume of the dress.

for Fun - the process 3

Figure with more brush applied to various parts of the artwork to soften the look. 

For Fun - the process 2

Background so far. 
not sure if it is too busy but i think it definitely looks fun.
It was created by multiple circles filled in with a geometric pattern in different colours combinations. 

I decided to soften the look with the use of charcoal brushes because the figure looked very stiff.

I really like the painterly effect that the brush created, it really highlights areas of the artwork and helps creates more depth and textures

The background pattern shows up with lines, however when I keep zooming in it disappears which Amy says is fine, so I'm hoping when it will be when i go to print!! 

For fun - the process

The basic shapes of body

Adding in the clothes and creases of the fabrics

Adding in Jewellery 

for fun - inspiration picture

I chose this picture as the base for my for fun poster because i love the volume of the dress, the colour and most of all the pose, I am not planning to take the styling literally though as it is too couture. I am interested in creating a very geometric based poster that consists of colour blocking and random patterns.