PDF saving

When i went to save my files into PDF..I was a bit worried about the front and second last page (of my final illustrations) that they were going to be pixalated but after i show Amy and she looked at my link files, she said that it should be ok..I hope it is! I mean it is perfectly fine at 100% but when i zoom into 125% i think it is a little bit pixalated... but oh well. I think it is ok, i hope it is ok! 

Pretty excited to see the end product all professionally printed and bounded but then also a little nervous about the margins lines :( hopefully it will ok! 

Finished!!! and new cover

This is my new cover, I just added in the basic how-to and also I didn't change the font as when I tried to they didn't give the same clean effect that this font has, so I decided to stick with it. I also added in the 5 mm margin as seen with the blue line mark and move and adjusted my pages accordingly. I am overall very happy with my effort of this assignment and enjoy particularly working with the lace flowers symbols for the skirt to create the illustration. 

I think that my booklet has a pretty good flow through. It goes over what symbols are and why it is useful for fashion illustrations, the basics and how to individually use each symbol tools in the pack. I think that it is very clear and would probably be helpful for those who are just starting to use symbols in illustrator. I think what I included is enough to teach someone to create an artwork using symbols. I also like the way I made the star symbol as all my examples as I think that it makes the booklet looks cohesive aswell as it links back to the colours of the front and cover background. :) 

I am also so relieve that we didn't have to print this as it would had been a nightmare!!! 

symbol manual booklet

These are screenshots of my symbol manual booklet...for the actual booklet, I hope I increase the size of the screenshot in photoshop right..I put the screenshot in photoshop, changed the colour mode to CMYK and image size resolution to 150-300. I hope when it prints out it is ok!!! I think i need to change the fonts for the booklet though..and centre everything a bit. But right now, I'm pretty happy with the result and hard work! 

I think I also need to leave extra bleed for the booklet bind! 

process of how i did the lace

I dragged in the pdf file of the lace flower i got rid of the white background in photoshop into illustrator 

I then rasterize the image as symbols cannot contain linked files

Always, make sure that the background is transparent, otherwise all the work you had just done in photoshop is useless 

Now, drag the symbol into the symbol panel and name the symbol, making sure that it is graphic

Do the rest for all your desired symbols and now you have your very own symbol panel to use! 

I slowly layer all the different types of lace flowers over the top of each other. I did not use the symbol sprayer tool in this illustration as there are a combinations of lace flowers not just one. I also adjusted the flowers by arranging them by 'bringing to the front' or 'sending to the back' option (object>arrange>) 

Final..i think

I stained the sequin flowers to be a bit whiter using the symbol stainer tool and added shadow and lines in, i think this is my final but i will probably find something else to add knowing me.

symbol illustration

process of the symbol illustration, all the lace flowers are symbols. I do like it but i think the sequins looks a bit weird..not as shiny so i might just make it all lace..not sure