Finished!!! and new cover

This is my new cover, I just added in the basic how-to and also I didn't change the font as when I tried to they didn't give the same clean effect that this font has, so I decided to stick with it. I also added in the 5 mm margin as seen with the blue line mark and move and adjusted my pages accordingly. I am overall very happy with my effort of this assignment and enjoy particularly working with the lace flowers symbols for the skirt to create the illustration. 

I think that my booklet has a pretty good flow through. It goes over what symbols are and why it is useful for fashion illustrations, the basics and how to individually use each symbol tools in the pack. I think that it is very clear and would probably be helpful for those who are just starting to use symbols in illustrator. I think what I included is enough to teach someone to create an artwork using symbols. I also like the way I made the star symbol as all my examples as I think that it makes the booklet looks cohesive aswell as it links back to the colours of the front and cover background. :) 

I am also so relieve that we didn't have to print this as it would had been a nightmare!!! 

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