mounting on concertina

This mounting business on the concertina is actually harder than I thought :( although I marked them all exactly A5 - when I folded it, it didn't  match up properly and then the sticky bits left over on the folds manage to catch fluffs from my jumper when i was mounting and the carpet when I was showing it to my sister...literally it made me so stress! 

but anyways its all done and I'm just happy, I do wish that I could had done the mounting better somehow but as hard as I tried it didn't work :( I feel that it doesn't really do my work justice though..


So..went to print my cover and concertina today and everything went well except there is this faint purple line over the chest of my model on the A3 poster - I got it reprinted like 3 times and it was still there, so this is what Im stucked with to hand in. It is weird because on my A5 cover, there is no line over her chest although it is scaled down from the A3 file. The conclusion is that, it is from the printer's paper and I can't do anything about it - this includes the minor scratches on some of the paper aswell (they refused to reprint it for me). I did considered going to print the poster somewhere else but then the colour would differ to that on the consantina and that would be equally bad. Although, I am happy with my finished outcome, I'm still dissapointed that the printing didn't do my work justice as it looks so so much better on the computer! Hopefully Amy understands this circumstance :(

playing around with background sister and boyfriend thinks that the model was fading into the background and that the butterflies were a bit too much hence I pretty much changed the whole thing. 

Now the background is darker, giving the model more definition with fireworks in the background to go with 'the celebration issue' theme (which I thought was appropriate since I am celebrating the artists' works). 

Helmut Newton

a true genius

Danny Roberts

no words to describe how amazing he is

Kat Macleod

So inspired by her use of fabric in her illustrations

Julie Verhoeven

obsessed with her use of colour and abstract forms.


Butterflies image created in photoshop then placed in illustrator

I'm not sure if I should have the castle and add some tiny butterflies or have just the butterflies..

bodice detail

The pleated details on the bodice.
I did this the same way as the body shadow.


Having fun creating a hat for my girl! I used a watercolour brush from the brush library for this with short strokes and playing with the size of the brush! When the shape I wanted is created I layer it over and over around the model's head to give her that papery - feather feel hat. The second picture is the finish product after hours of playing around, as you can see I gave her a bit of hair and also changed her eyeshadow to a minty green :) 

giving my girl a face - make up and shadows!

Adding details to my model's face and body. For the shadow on the body, I simply blocked the shadows seen in the photograph using pen tool and creating a shape then filling it in with the darker flesh tone. I also played around with the transparency of each shapes so that more depth is created. For the face I simply outline the shapes and filled in the colours that i wanted. For the eyeshadow, a watercolour brush was used to create the smoky effect. 


First attempt at drawing necklaces using downloaded scattered brush, I turned the individual diamond into a normal brush
As you can see - there is not a lot of movement

Second try, much happier with this outcome! 

Ps. As you can see I have outlined the paper castles as in the reference photograph here as well


This is my figure trace out with the skirt detailing completed.The skirt detailing was done by using a flower symbol in illustrator. The symbol came with some leafs and I simply break links to symbol, ungroup and deleted them, then creating a new symbol out of that. I then sprayed the flowers on with the symbol sprayer in different groups and layered them up into the skirt shape.
Before, the skirt was just one colour making it look a bit flat but with the spray stainer tool i was able to make the skirt have multiple colours on it (unfortunately i forgot to screenshot the before image) 

Reference Photo for my cover!

From Vogue, 2010

What I learnt today about Illustrator

Shape tools
  • To get the dimensions you want, click on the shape you want to make, double click on the page and type in the dimensions, sides, roundness, points (so you can manipulate it)
  • Radius 1 – inside, radius 2 – outside
Width tool (distorting the shape via anchor points)
  • Warp tool
  • Twirl tool
  • Pucker – suck in anchor points
  • Bloat – expands anchor points
  • Scallop
  • Crystallise
  • Wrinkle tool
Distorting the whole shape
  • Select the shape you want to distort à effect – distort and transform
  • Pucker and bloat - change the % click on the preview and see what’s happening
  • Roughen – roughen the edge of your paths, details (amount of shards you get). Corner – sharp edges, smooth edge
  • Brush libraries menu
  • Change the colour by turning the fill off and filling the stroke 
  • You can apply brushes to lines or shapes you have created
  • Change the stroke size, the opacity and play around with the outcome
  • Brush option – click twice on the brush that you are using and play around with the option with the preview on. 
  • Brush options will depend on the type of brush you are using e.g bristle brush, art brush, calligraphic, scatter brush etc.
  • If you have made a change to the brush e.g. scatter brush – just rename them and save brush
Altering Symbol
  • Drag symbol onto your page, right click, ungroup, deselect and reselect (you may have to ungroup more than once) – now you can change the colour of the symbol and turn it into a new brush
  • If you are not happy with the brush you created, you can play with the option until you are happy with it
Making brushes out of Type
  • In word, select your type box
  • Type – create outlines (turning the text into shapes)
  • You can ungroup them, scale them, scatter them, edit anchor point etc.
  • Turn it into an art brush or a pattern brush depends on how you are going to use it
Downloading brush and using it
  • Download – go to download folders, drag to desktop, double click on it
  • Open other library on the brush section, select file hit open 
Tracing image
  • Find reference image
  • Place in
  • Put in the site web
  • Lock the layer
  • Create new layer – figure
  • Create another one – garment
  • Trace away with pen tool!  

I'm still dreaming about you

yes its 2011. and yes i still want you.

I'm back!

I have disappeared from the surface for a long excuses really - just lazy and too much work but i am back and hopefully this time i manage to stay :P 

So incredibly inspired by these images right now: 

favourite postsecret. ever.
It's sad but so liberating at the same time.

studs all over a classic pair of heels?
enough said.

yup. this is my baby from the future.
alexander wang's niece.

greatest hair.
I wish I could pull that off.

Images courtesy of: postsecret, I spy DIY and anickaa.tumblr xx