What I learnt today about Illustrator

Shape tools
  • To get the dimensions you want, click on the shape you want to make, double click on the page and type in the dimensions, sides, roundness, points (so you can manipulate it)
  • Radius 1 – inside, radius 2 – outside
Width tool (distorting the shape via anchor points)
  • Warp tool
  • Twirl tool
  • Pucker – suck in anchor points
  • Bloat – expands anchor points
  • Scallop
  • Crystallise
  • Wrinkle tool
Distorting the whole shape
  • Select the shape you want to distort à effect – distort and transform
  • Pucker and bloat - change the % click on the preview and see what’s happening
  • Roughen – roughen the edge of your paths, details (amount of shards you get). Corner – sharp edges, smooth edge
  • Brush libraries menu
  • Change the colour by turning the fill off and filling the stroke 
  • You can apply brushes to lines or shapes you have created
  • Change the stroke size, the opacity and play around with the outcome
  • Brush option – click twice on the brush that you are using and play around with the option with the preview on. 
  • Brush options will depend on the type of brush you are using e.g bristle brush, art brush, calligraphic, scatter brush etc.
  • If you have made a change to the brush e.g. scatter brush – just rename them and save brush
Altering Symbol
  • Drag symbol onto your page, right click, ungroup, deselect and reselect (you may have to ungroup more than once) – now you can change the colour of the symbol and turn it into a new brush
  • If you are not happy with the brush you created, you can play with the option until you are happy with it
Making brushes out of Type
  • In word, select your type box
  • Type – create outlines (turning the text into shapes)
  • You can ungroup them, scale them, scatter them, edit anchor point etc.
  • Turn it into an art brush or a pattern brush depends on how you are going to use it
Downloading brush and using it
  • Download – go to download folders, drag to desktop, double click on it
  • Open other library on the brush section, select file hit open 
Tracing image
  • Find reference image
  • Place in
  • Put in the site web
  • Lock the layer
  • Create new layer – figure
  • Create another one – garment
  • Trace away with pen tool!  

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