I really like all of my posters! Although at first I thought that my for the better for the best but once I've fixed up the faces of the figures in Full Bloom and For Fun to be more realistic, that was all they needed :) 

I think my posters works really well as a collective group as I have worked on them in the same ways even though they all have different moods to them. The garments are filled in with real fabrics, the hair is kept simple by just blocking the lines, the background are made up of the same geometric shapes (different for all three) layered over each other in complimentary shades. I really like the font I used, I think that it is simple but still have enough detail in the way that it is designed to not make it look boring and i think it works really well with my geometric and colour blocking design. 

At the start of the project, i was hoping to achieve a modern, streamlined look in my design (as inspired by the poster research) and i think i did. The crisp outline of the figure, geometric shapes and the simple use of text i thought really made the design modern. I also think that the information on the posters are places quite well as the eyes of the audience are drawn to them through the vectors (full bloom: ribbon on the wrist and legs, for fun: hands and elbows, for the better: the hair).

Overall, i am super happy with my posters, it is an extension on the techniques i used in my first assessment plus a few more skills i happened to learn along the way :) 

(In the end, i settled for the block colour bracelets as i think that the sequins were taking away the focus from the figure)

ps. when I printed the for the better poster, a tiny white line came up across the jeans denim and whatever i did, i couldn't get rid of it...but you can only see it if you put your face right up to the poster because the denim already have white lines weaving through it as the nature of the fabric (i guess i can see it because i've been working on it for a long time) 

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